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Buy 2C-I Online. it is a psychedelic drug that is a phenethylamine, or an organic compound that acts as a nervous system stimulant.



Buy 2C-I Online
Since the  drug is a stimulant, it causes a variety of effects that manifest in the body including muscle spasm, cramps, and contractions. In a 2014 study, researchers found that the drug produced a head twitch in mice.

The drug has other physical effects that aren’t typical of other psychedelics like DMT or psilocybin. For instance, the drug effects raise energy levels in a way that is similar to MDMA. it is also said to produce an intense “body high”, or pins and needles and skin sensitivity, in a larger dosage that isn’t present in other psychedelics.

Users also experience unpredictable rushes of bodily warmth that start at the top of the head. Others who experience this kind of physical euphoria may also feel an intensification of the sense of touch.

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